Thursday, 18 July 2013

An Introduction About The Best E-Cigs And Simple Ways To Extend The Battery Life

Introduced to Americans in the year 2007, the electronic cigarette is an alternative form of smoking, which gives the ones addicted by nicotine a healthier option to choose. Appearing almost alike to a traditional cigarette, but what lies inside these is totally different and unique. The first and foremost difference is that the E cigs do not pack any tobacco. Seeing the available alternatives and brands, those have made way to the industry, finding cigs that are categorized as ‘best E cigs’ seems not that daunting anymore. The major thing that empowers these cigarettes is a mechanism that causes the liquid inside to heat up, which is converted into vapor that is what the smokers exhale and inhale. These vapors offer the similar feeling to that of a tobacco cigarette, but while subtracting the negative effects.

The reviews for these cigarettes is biased

These cigarettes can be bought both online as well as offline and without even the requirement of an age proof. This can thus prove somewhat dilemmatic and raise concerns about nicotine addiction among the kids and teenagers in the society. In addition, most manufacturers believe that their product can be smoked anywhere, even in the no smoke zones, regulatory agencies on the other hand are still not convinced, and research in this aspect has a long way to go. People who are becoming attracted towards the best e-cigs brands in the market like using this device as it’s not just a single use one, but reusable versions, which means they can be easily save a lot of money. While, there is still a chunk of people that thanks this version for helping them quit the unhealthy tobacco version.

E-cig batteries: the most important component making these cigs

Most commonly the batteries that are installed in an electronic cigarette are divided into three major types. The mini battery is one which lasts up to 175 puffs, while the standard battery is one which easily offers up to 250 puffs. Still, the high capacity one, often liked by chain smokers, can offer up to 350 puffs.

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