Wednesday, 14 August 2013

E-Cig Batteries; Choose These Carefully To Get Satisfaction

Cigarette smoking is a bad habit that is very dangerous for any person’s life in the long run. The number of people who die due to health consequences of smoking is very large and in order to decrease this mortality rate, the government has taken some strict measures. They have also banned sales for the same at many places. But, what about the people who have become addict to this habit? In the absence of smoking or quitting it immediately can lead to withdrawal symptoms and drastic change in one’s behavior. Just to help such people get over this addiction but without harming their health are electronic cigarettes, today technology has influenced everything and similar has been the cigarette industry. These cigarettes popularly known as e-cigs are legal in most countries.

The electronic version of smoking devices

The best e-cigs can be easily bought from many stores that sell the same in ample numbers. Some years back from now, it was difficult to acquire such cigarettes and was very costly. But, the online stores and increased awareness and demand have led to a significant drop in the price and increase in the number of manufacturers and vendors of the same. You can easily buy such cigs from both the online as well as offline stores with home delivery feature as well. Smoking thus seems to cause much reduced effects on health due to the electronic or smokeless version of cigarettes.

How an e-cog is different than usual cigarette?

Now being electronic these are much different from the traditional ones used by most. Electronic itself indicates some link with a power source which can keep it working, electricity cannot be the source thus a stored device is used, which is the e cig battery. The e cig batteries that you can find today are sold in a varied range. From those long lasting ones that need not be replaced for long, to ones that are of single use, you can easily find these in a number of types. The choice of battery depends on various factors but the one most common is the use of these cigarettes. Any person who is a frequent user or who smokes cigarettes for the larger part of the day is advised to keep one extra battery. This extra power source helps in keeping the power continued even when one gets drained off. There are also rechargeable e-cig cigarettes which can be recharged again to function as good as new one more time.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

An Introduction About The Best E-Cigs And Simple Ways To Extend The Battery Life

Introduced to Americans in the year 2007, the electronic cigarette is an alternative form of smoking, which gives the ones addicted by nicotine a healthier option to choose. Appearing almost alike to a traditional cigarette, but what lies inside these is totally different and unique. The first and foremost difference is that the E cigs do not pack any tobacco. Seeing the available alternatives and brands, those have made way to the industry, finding cigs that are categorized as ‘best E cigs’ seems not that daunting anymore. The major thing that empowers these cigarettes is a mechanism that causes the liquid inside to heat up, which is converted into vapor that is what the smokers exhale and inhale. These vapors offer the similar feeling to that of a tobacco cigarette, but while subtracting the negative effects.

The reviews for these cigarettes is biased

These cigarettes can be bought both online as well as offline and without even the requirement of an age proof. This can thus prove somewhat dilemmatic and raise concerns about nicotine addiction among the kids and teenagers in the society. In addition, most manufacturers believe that their product can be smoked anywhere, even in the no smoke zones, regulatory agencies on the other hand are still not convinced, and research in this aspect has a long way to go. People who are becoming attracted towards the best e-cigs brands in the market like using this device as it’s not just a single use one, but reusable versions, which means they can be easily save a lot of money. While, there is still a chunk of people that thanks this version for helping them quit the unhealthy tobacco version.

E-cig batteries: the most important component making these cigs

Most commonly the batteries that are installed in an electronic cigarette are divided into three major types. The mini battery is one which lasts up to 175 puffs, while the standard battery is one which easily offers up to 250 puffs. Still, the high capacity one, often liked by chain smokers, can offer up to 350 puffs.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Brands that offer high quality electronic cigarettes are many out there

Electronic cigarettes, a relatively new product, are emerging as the cigarette of choice in the current scenario. People are adhering onto this new version of smoking in order to quit their bad habit or addiction, which they have developed with tobacco cigarettes; this appears to be the primary reason. Still others just to add to their lives a style statement and sophisticated habit are turning towards the smokeless version of cigarettes. One biggest advantage people experience with these is the liberty to smoke them anywhere, even in those areas, which are considered banned for smoking. In addition, people can get freedom from the cigarette breath, odor, and ash, which are some effects that a traditional cigarette most commonly produces.

The increasing popularity of these cigarettes and the increasing demand has led to the addition of hundreds of brands in the market that appears to sell the best e-cigs on earth. However, instead of just getting carried away with the false gimmicks, one needs to consider few important points that can easily differentiate quality electronic cigarettes from the not-so-good ones.

What to look for, when choosing an e-cig?
  • The battery is the central powering device of these cigarettes, thus it’s always advised to choose batteries that can offer long term performance without constant need of replacement.
  • The ease of use is another crucial factor that needs consideration. Some years back, e-cigs were available in a 3-piece design, but as time moved and technology evolved the 2piece versions are now made available, which are much easier to use then their older counterparts.
  • Price is important, but it should not be the only factor to look at. There are many cheap electronic cigarettes that are easily available, but it’s good to ensure that the quality has been appropriately maintained while production.
  • One should buy an e-cig that offers multiple charging options, as it is not always necessary that you may have a computer or laptop handy, when the battery is drained out, and a USB charger is needed.
  • Unlike the traditional cigarettes, most branded and high quality electronic cigarettes can offer you a number of flavors to choose from. So, try choosing one that most closely satiates your carving for that tobacco, but with a healthier alternative.
  • The cartomizer you choose is also crucial, as you would never wish to replace this after every 100 puffs. So, try choosing one that offers a long-term service.
  • Its best to choose a high smoke volume, which is something you do not get to experience with every e-cig and it, is to get almost similar experience to usual tobacco cigarettes, but while eliminating the negative effects greatly.
  • The nicotine strength you choose is significant and the many companies offer many variants for the same. So, choose one that most ideally fits in your requirement frame.
  • Having a budget is important as its best to decide that what you wish to buy, cheap electronic cigarettes or ones that come at a very good price.
  • The customer support of the company or website at which you are buying your e-cig is also important. Choosing one that offers a prompt service must be opted; this is to help you find an instant solution, in case you are stuck in an issue anytime.

Monday, 1 July 2013

The benefits associated with the use of electronic cigarettes

There is a brand novel discovery about which everybody who smokes must know. It is identified as the electronic cigarettes, as well as recognized as e-cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes and has been successfully able to alter the lawful scenery for cigarette smokers all over the earth. The unproved Electronic Cigarette presents to successfully replicate the practice of smoking by a real cigarette, with no health or lawful issues linked with the usual cigarettes.
Although Electroniccigarettes appear, feel and flavor much like customary cigarettes, but they job in a different way. You will observe, that electronic cigarette will not really flame any tobacco, but to a certain extent, when you breathe in from an e-cigarette, you set in motion a "flow censor" which liberates a water vapor including propylene glycol, nicotine and an odor that replicates the aroma of tobacco. Basically it means that electronic cigarette permit a person to catch your nicotine fix while keeping away from all of the cancer reasoning agents that are found in conventional cigarettes such as glue, tar, hydrocarbons and hundreds of additives.
Besides being better than conventional cigarettes, and possibly most prominently of all, is the reality that electronic cigarettes are fully legal. As E cigarettes do not rivet tobacco, you can lawfully smoke them at anyplace that conventional cigarettes are forbidden to, particularly at places like bars, restaurants, the place of work, even on aircrafts. Moreover, e cigarettes permit you to smoke with no worries of imposing harm on others owing to malicious recycled smoke.
The refillable cartridges are available in a huge number of flavors plus varied quantity of nicotine strengths. You can obtain standard, menthol; even strawberry and apple essence cartridges and diverse nicotine powers that come in packed boxes with categories of average, light, and none.
As e cigarettes are theoretically a "smoking alternative" relatively than a smoking termination apparatus, the variety of nicotine strengths present a few apparent impending as an assistance for the ones who attempts to give up smoking.
The good thing regarding e cigarettes as opposite to say, nicotine pieces, is that e-cigarettes generate the equivalent tactile commotion and oral obsession that smokers wish for, while fulfilling ones tobacco passion as well. When you acquire a drag from an electronic cigarette you in fact experience that your lungs get filled up with a temperate tobacco tasted smoke and when you exhale the smoke vapors out of your lungs you feel the same as what ones get in the case of habitual form of smoking. The only difference between the smoke is that much improved water vapor is produced which rapidly evaporates and as a result does not cause offense to anyone who are present there in the immediate surroundings.
While electroniccigarettes have been about for a while in a variety of personifications, there has been modern progress in the technology, which has been able to increase the prior limitations associated with e-cigs against the traditional form of smoking. This is the main reason that has pushed e-cigarette to a new and established reputation than what was there before. So, if you are also getting fascinated towards the healthier alternative to smoking, or if you plainly desire to have the liberty to smoke anywhere and at whatever time you want, then don’t give a second thought and opt for an electronic cigarette as it will surely serve you as being the answer to something that you and your loved ones have been searching for till now.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Different types of e-cig batteries available at the present time

The battery, the atomizer and the e-liquid are the three important apparatus of an electronic cigarette. The superiority of these components concludes that how long an e-cigarette will work and how well it will act upon. Subsequent mentioned are a few kinds of e-cigbatteries that are available to choose from. In spite of which battery you utilize, it is vital to take its superior care, to make sure that it functions in an optimal manner.

  • Protected batteries
These kinds of batteries consist of small circuit boards that are integral to defend it from numerous issues. A lot of e-cigarette smokers don’t make use of the battery fully before recharging it. This directs to the fact that the battery get charged again even when there is about 25% remaining.  This consequence in the ‘memory’ utility of the battery to suppose that there is no charging, when in reality there is and consequently the recital of the battery gets affected. This result in overcharging and doing this continuously will decrease the battery life severely. The attendance of a circuit board avoids overheating – an occurrence that takes places when a client draws smoke very often and that too for an extended time period.   

  • Unprotected batteries
These types of batteries are totally dissimilar from the protected kind. There is no course board fitted to defend the battery from problems. This type of a battery has a benefit though. It consents alteration of the e-cigarette to an immense extent, which gives the user liberty to customize it according to needs or liking. An unprotected battery might be heaped and united and used to achieve more vapor and heat. It as well provides a burly nicotine hit. However, it  must be utilized carefully as excessive use and stiff pulls can build it to drop its power.  

  • High resistance
At the start, the majority of e-cigarette users were happy with the market’s contributions. But once upon a time the originality started wearing off; the majority of them recognized that they fail to notice the throat hit and warmth of conventional tobacco cigarettes. This is when this kind of batteries made their entrance into the e-cigarette business. Also termed as high voltage batteries, they use extra power, which clearly means that their vapor production is better and the heat intensity is superior. The taste is as well additionally intense because of the high resistance batteries.

  • Low resistance
Low voltage or low resistance batteries, job in a related manner as high resistance batteries do. Although the pack up is much lesser in comparison to the high resistance batteries, the main aim of these kinds of batteries is to deliver the similar misting property and passionate flavor as the high voltage corresponding item. 

So, the battery of e-cigs is the chief constituent that delivers the present to atomizer which consecutively vaporizes the liquid. E-cig batteries establish the flavor, mist and heat that are provided by a particular electronic cigarette. So at the time of buying an e cigarette you will come across diverse kinds of electronic cigarette batteries, now which one to select should be according to your choice and personal preferences. The battery is the main part which will help you to have an enhance smoking experience so being wise while selecting one can really be good for you as well as for your smoking experience. 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Few points that make green smoke the best e-cigs brand

E-cigarettes are the most popular these days among smokers because they present an improved option in comparison to the usual cigarette. There are many brands selling these types of cigarettes but among them the best E cigs award goes to the Green Smoke. Being a superior brand, green smoke combines individuality of design, user-friendliness and a large diversity of flavors to opt from.

Green Smoke e- cigs also called as vapor cigs are enjoyed worldwide as an ideal option to usual tobacco cigarettes. They are available in an exclusive two section intend that features a superior quality battery which is rechargeable, plus a cartomizer. The best part is that these e-cigs are obtainable in a broad variety of aromas depending on one’s liking. There are even diverse nicotine levels to select from. Every cartomizer is equivalent to approximately 7.5 mg of usual cigarettes. This brand of e-cigarettes possesses a dense, steel shell devise that feels extremely comfortable while smoking

There are several advantages that a person can get by making use of e-cigarettes in comparison to the traditional ones. Green Smoke has been worldwide known to offer a healthy substitute as it does not include any carcinogens or other harmful matters that can be the reason to develop serious diseases like emphysema and lung cancer. It does not contain any ash, fire or disturbing cigarette smoke which can create harms even to the non-smokers. So, all you obtain is a secure vapor that you can factually use at anyplace. Populace who are attempting to put a stop to his/her bad and continuous smoking routine is recognized to have done so by making use of Green Smoke e-cigarettes.

The Green Smoke e-cigarette appears and experiences same like a typical cigarette, but run on a rechargeable battery, with no requirement to light. The users breathe in nicotine and complete bodied flavoring in the course of a vapor that is alike to smoke but without ash.

Few points that make green smoke better than others:

  • Elevated smoke volume.
  • User-friendly
  • Well-off diversity of flavors
  • Tar liberated.
  • Ash liberated.
  • Carbon Monoxide liberated
  •  No danger of fire
  • No nasty odors that fix to linen, clothes, walls or cars
  •  No smoker's breathe.
  • Affordable in comparison to the traditional cigarettes
  • Can be smoked inside several restaurants, bars, airport and other places where otherwise smoking is barred. 
  • No contaminated cigarette butts.
  • Savory mist for a smoke-like reaction, with no ash remains.
  • Perhaps the best electronic cigarettes in market! 
The green smoke is available in different packaging that can be chosen according to the smoking habit-

  • The starter kit- the kit offers up gradation to an unmated smoking experience in the form of electronic cigarettes.
  • The ultimate kit- this kit offers a cheap option of e-cigs as it consists of an extra USB charger, durable carrying case and a battery.
  • Express kit- the kit offers a pleasant welcoming to the world of healthy and lawful way of smoking and that is by means of electronic cigarettes.
Disposable 6-pack- a pre-charged pack that can help a person to immediately enjoy high smoke volume and rich flavor. The small pack is powerful enough to offer a vapor volume of about 1.5% of the traditional pack.
So, all in all the green smoke being the best e cigs brand offers multiple options that might surely go according to the need and preference of a smoker.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Choosing the best E-cig Batteries made Easier

Electronic cigarettes are like the newest rage for smokers that offer the same feeling as their traditional counterparts, but with much less harm to health of active as well as passive smokers. When it comes to choosing the best e-cig batteries, there is not one brand that stands ahead from the rest. The numbers of batteries available are many and each one is created to fulfill a specific purpose. Also, like everything each battery has its benefits and disadvantages. It’s best to choose the first class batteries, rather than looking on just to save some money. The cheap batteries do not offer the same functionality as the class one batteries and also have many more drawbacks. Let’s see what the things are, you must consider, when buying a battery for your e-cig:

  •  Amperage of the battery is crucial and the batteries available range from the least 180mAh to the highest 1300mAh. Batteries with higher amperage offer better and longer functionality compared with those that have less. So, if you wish to get over the hassle of changing the battery again and again, choose one with high amperage value. 
  •   Compatibility is another thing, which cannot be overlooked. Whether it’s the best e-cigs or the good ones, having a battery that is compatible with the cartridge and atomizer inside the cigarettes is necessary. So, always choose one that can function in sync with the other parts of your e-cig. 
  •   The charging ability of the e-cig batteries is also important as it can prove difficult in always finding a source of electricity to charge the battery. Especially if you are among those frequent travelers, try looking into this factor deeply. 
  •   Warranty is specifically essential if you wish to get the worth of your money. So, try choosing batteries which offer good warranties, most cheaper versions do not offer this liberty, so be little careful.
  • Authenticity of the product is very important if you wish to enjoy a hassle free service. This can be easily checked by doing an online search and reading the reviews posted by actual users. You can also make an online order to enjoy an easy and convenient shopping experience. 
  • Don’t overlook the maintenance part as it’s important to ensure a long term service and while experiencing maximum benefits. Always try and read the do’s and don’ts of using the batteries and try following this always to enjoy a long term service without facing any issues. Also, try choosing battery that does not come with a long list of essentials for the maintenance part. It’s best to choose one which involves a hassle free maintenance.
In the end, choosing the best e-cigs and the most authentic and reliable e-cig batteries is not like finding needle in a haystack. Doing an intensive online research and searching properly can ensure that you get the best thing and at the best price. The online availability and purchase feature has somehow made this task much convenient and easy, which you can accomplish without even leaving the comforts of your home.