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Different types of e-cig batteries available at the present time

The battery, the atomizer and the e-liquid are the three important apparatus of an electronic cigarette. The superiority of these components concludes that how long an e-cigarette will work and how well it will act upon. Subsequent mentioned are a few kinds of e-cigbatteries that are available to choose from. In spite of which battery you utilize, it is vital to take its superior care, to make sure that it functions in an optimal manner.

  • Protected batteries
These kinds of batteries consist of small circuit boards that are integral to defend it from numerous issues. A lot of e-cigarette smokers don’t make use of the battery fully before recharging it. This directs to the fact that the battery get charged again even when there is about 25% remaining.  This consequence in the ‘memory’ utility of the battery to suppose that there is no charging, when in reality there is and consequently the recital of the battery gets affected. This result in overcharging and doing this continuously will decrease the battery life severely. The attendance of a circuit board avoids overheating – an occurrence that takes places when a client draws smoke very often and that too for an extended time period.   

  • Unprotected batteries
These types of batteries are totally dissimilar from the protected kind. There is no course board fitted to defend the battery from problems. This type of a battery has a benefit though. It consents alteration of the e-cigarette to an immense extent, which gives the user liberty to customize it according to needs or liking. An unprotected battery might be heaped and united and used to achieve more vapor and heat. It as well provides a burly nicotine hit. However, it  must be utilized carefully as excessive use and stiff pulls can build it to drop its power.  

  • High resistance
At the start, the majority of e-cigarette users were happy with the market’s contributions. But once upon a time the originality started wearing off; the majority of them recognized that they fail to notice the throat hit and warmth of conventional tobacco cigarettes. This is when this kind of batteries made their entrance into the e-cigarette business. Also termed as high voltage batteries, they use extra power, which clearly means that their vapor production is better and the heat intensity is superior. The taste is as well additionally intense because of the high resistance batteries.

  • Low resistance
Low voltage or low resistance batteries, job in a related manner as high resistance batteries do. Although the pack up is much lesser in comparison to the high resistance batteries, the main aim of these kinds of batteries is to deliver the similar misting property and passionate flavor as the high voltage corresponding item. 

So, the battery of e-cigs is the chief constituent that delivers the present to atomizer which consecutively vaporizes the liquid. E-cig batteries establish the flavor, mist and heat that are provided by a particular electronic cigarette. So at the time of buying an e cigarette you will come across diverse kinds of electronic cigarette batteries, now which one to select should be according to your choice and personal preferences. The battery is the main part which will help you to have an enhance smoking experience so being wise while selecting one can really be good for you as well as for your smoking experience. 


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